Never Too Late

It’s too late,
When all is lost,

To think back,
And justify the cost,

The ship is not righted,
Once it’s finally overturned,

Nor a plane landed,
With no fuel left to burn,

Why is it then,
There are no gauges in life,

Ones that show us how,
How to correct, before strife,

A buzzer if you may,
When you’ve been out of line,

Or maybe just a wide display,
Of how you’ll look to others in time,

For I cannot, the only one be,
The only one who could not see,

Did those around me fail to say,
How perilous my life came to be,

No, now I am from bondage free,
Happiness once more in store for me,

Love, no higher ground to explore,
Learn from my ways forever more,

For the past is just the past,
And the future is mine to explore.