Give Me Another Dose #2

By Arcassin Burnham

Followers in a city full of corrupted , silly pigs,
In a place where all the jobs are taken up, you can\'t even make a
decent cent,
Anxiety take over everybody not just you , you stress too quick,
When you stay in a city full of enemies , its hard not stressin\' about shit,

Guess you could say I\'m self centered, I deserve what other people have,
the curse of the black water has risen for the hateful people that\'ll last,
I swear that\'s too sad,
If you feel like you need a clique to prosper,
that\'ll be all you have,
I\'m a one man army,
ya\'ll look fairies,
I don\'t see nothin\' , don\'t you come near me,
so much shackles on my feet,
I\'m everywhere I wanna be.