\"Cut it Off\"

Peeling skin
Feeling zen
Breathing in
Do it again

Soon will stop
All comes back
Ready to drop
Sharp as a tack

Dripping in red
Thoughts have been fed
Wishing dead
Nothing is said

Knowing is lost
Mind runs away
Forget the cost
What is “okay”

Life is blurry
In a hurry
Starting to worry
Filled with fury

Battling over
Things will change
Better when sober
Belief is strange

Going too far
Drunk on a bar
Seeing a star
Given a scar

Sensitive flesh
Broken heart
Melded with mesh
Calling it art

Painful cry
Ready to lie
Here to die
Let out a sigh

Blank name
No one exists
Not the same
Too many fists

Love isn\'t real
Unable to heal
Having no zeal
No appeal

Leaving it all
Scraping till clean
Willing to fall
Never be seen