Au Revoir

Au Revoir

Au revoir my beautiful innocent girl
Welcome to the female rat race
Welcome to the pressure for a lovely face
Welcome to the expected devotion and gratitude
Welcome to the superior, made it attitude
Welcome to a life of servitude

Au revoir my sweetest lovely child
Welcome to the relentless world of adulthood
Welcome the end of what was pure and good
Welcome to a place that is never satisfied
Welcome inner space where you will run and hide
Welcome in the morning your very self despised

Au revoir my baby girl my truest joy
Welcome to the world where you’re a playful toy
Welcome to the days when dreams begin to fade away
Welcome to the nights where in the bed you’ve made you have to lay
Welcome to being lesser than you ever thought you’d be
Welcome to the chains from which you never will be free

Written 08/02/18