Gone forever,

never to return,

Afraid and alone,

the right path never to be shown.

I\'ve gone through and seen the worst ,

truly bringing my heart-a-burst.

Chased by demons stalking behind me,

it upsets me not even my family can see.

I wanted to leave this morbid world,

waiting to end it all

ready to plunge with a great fall,

ending all my pain.

But god would look down at me with shame

trying to convince me to turn wrong to right.

I ignored him and pushed him out of my sight

still struggling after all these years,

I need his advice to face my fears

I knew what I had to do,

God told me \"Face your demons or they will try to face you\".

So I went, looking for redemption, 

not with a hint, having no good intentions.

There! I saw my demon lurking,

curious, I wonder \"who is he?\"

Out of the shadows there he was.

I could read him like a book,

he looked like me, only darker.

He looked and said \"How interesting... you must face yourself.

You were your own demon all along.\"