Jo Middleton


Your message has touched me in ways I can\'t explain
Could we dissociate together
 if you find the time of day?
I can see our blood streams merging as one
A thousand miles away
 you\'re somewhere under the sun

You can turn the key and lock the door
But in the end what is it all for?
For no one else can get inside my brain
I dislocated from everything even myself sometimes
I don\'t know your definition of normal
Maybe you could explain?

You\'re wondering what is the point to all this hurting
 .. what is it all for ?
Maybe we could hunt together
Get lost in brainwaves and icky bicky tales
For I\'ve never met someone like me
Who understands the things I\'ve seen

Oh Charlotte dear you have to smile
Smile at the distorted realities for at least a little while
For the only positive of locking yourself out
Is getting to relive life\'s beautiful sounds
As if you\'ve never seen them before in your life