lyn Girl


I was excited to see you
My heart raced
I could barely sleep
I thought of the last time our eyes had met
As I remembered the spark we had felt
I closed my eyes and I could feel your warm embrace and the sadness you always carried in your eyes
It had seemed like yesterday
But months had passed
we no longer spoke
Yet I hoped we’d see each other and the spark we had felt those months ago
would fill our eyes as if we were meeting for the first time
Yet I knew you had found someone new
I had gotten there late in hopes that you’d see me in the distance
Had you spotted me?
Did you your heart race seeing me? Did you think, There she is?
But hours passed and you slipped my mind
But then
I ran into you
And it was as if my heart was reminded
You smiled
our eyes met
The moment I had longed for
Had finally come
as I stood there staring at those brown eyes
I felt
The same brown eyes I had once loved to look into
The hazel specks
Were gone
We said hello
The hours passed again
You once more slipped my mind
You were forgotten
But we were to see each other one last time
This time you introduced her
I saw the way your eyes met with hers
I could tell she was smitten with you
Who wouldn’t be
Your eyes
they told your story with her
The sadness you once carried was gone
In that moment I understood
Your eyes no longer yearned for mine but for hers
I looked into your eyes one last time
In hopes of finding you
But yet again
I felt Nothing
In that moment I understood
Our short time together was gone
The tender kisses we had shared
The yearning we had of being together
Was now just a beautiful memory
You eyes whispered to me the truth
I was finally