INNER / Hear No One

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By Arcassin Burnham

My body and my soul is not luxury, 
I\'m glad to take a loss since I took so many, 
I would die for you if you\'re a friend to me, 
The inner parts of my life might end up in an agony,
Does it cost to me? 

Piss me off and become a pile, 
Of rotten flowers on the floor smothered in the nile, 
Not a savior or your brother,  not looking for a smile, 
Pull a card out of the deck and take me to being a child.
Is it worth while?


In my own element, in unwinding sentiment,
The peace and the life of an uncritically punishment, 
Hear no evil,
See no evil, 
But hear no one when they\'re on that bullshit, 
Trying hard, 
Not enough, 
To not end up in up the devil\'s pit, 
Slaughter house, 
Secret society, 
They\'ve been plotting on us all, 
Trust no one, 
Use your sight, 
Stay awake, 
Hope we don\'t all fall.