Illuminate Me

I’m moving on, yeah, ooh
Beyond illusions, set in time and all confusions, yeah

The dreams that come alive 
When darkness comes to light
Setting my heart free
Illuminate me


Verse 1 
I realise, the intensity 
Of callings, through my dreams

Desires, escaping free
It’s boundless, it’s timeless
Horizons, a tranquil sea
The object of serenity 
The yearning, for harmony 
Of greatness, so endless 

Chorus x2 

There is a call to greatness, a call to go beyond 
Transcending all current storms
There is strength arising, yet my light is shining 
I’m creating brand new forms

Such an elevated rise

With dreams that come alive 
Way beyond my fears
Illuminate me

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️