hurt by the sea

I am a person

yet I am a rock

by the sea

a victim of life

a victim of unwanted emotions

the sea, and me

the rock

side by side

I have no choice

but to withstand

accept and feel

the differing moments in life

the unwanted emotions

touching my sides


I am a victim

of the sea’s ways

I have no ability

to change

the movements


angry waves

the constant water by my side

I never have a word

a voice over the sea

there is nothing I can do

I am stuck here, unsure

inability to control

the waves of life

if the sea decides to crash

pushing violently against my sides

I have to feel

I have to take it

no voice to speak back

no power over the sea

just a rock

a victim of the seas

uncontrollable stirrings

an unfair sea

pushing me too much

acting out

like a bully, making me cry

there is something wrong with this sea

I see

nicer events could occur

the water could bathe more softly

by my side

but for some strange and baffling reason

I just cannot fathom

acting out occurs

the waves crash

and the water

pushes against me

the defenseless victim

in this life

I have been given this hand

this life

this place

by the sea


when I never asked to stand

by the angry waves

the thunderous actions of life

the negative clouds which hover

above my surface

and for some reason

the sea decides to bully me

acts out

like a bad man

who wants to cause me upset

and pain

I can’t understand why the sea

wants to hurt me

or why it cannot be gentler to me

negative emotions

and feelings shoved my way

touching my side

but entering my core

events which take place

the sea turning against me

why is it turning against me

why does the sea despise me

so much

why does life hate me

I’m tired

been made so tired

by the unwanted emotions

I have, I am left


against the bad stirrings

of an unfriendly sea

a sea which should be softer

nicer to me

but it hates me

yes, it does

and I do not know why

being bullied by the sea

life is supposed to be nice

the sea should not

be trying to conquer

beating me down

the saying that life

Is to be lived

and we are here to experience

the good as well as the bad

Is that even true

Its hard to look back at my past

and all I have been through

accepting that this saying

Is even true

If I am a person

here to experience the gentle side

as well as the rough

then why the hell

does one side win over

the other

so much of the time

too much of my past

ruined by the events thrown my way 

which I never asked for

because I am a standing rock

a victim of the seas unfair behaviour

a victim of a bully

life is mean

life is cruel

and this sea

leaning against the side of my rock

Is deeply unfair to me

always has been

the bad hand I was given

meant to suffer at the hands of

what should be a more soothing

and gentle soft tide

a rock who is fed up of being a rock

so tired of the bullying

and the rushing waves

against her skin

she may be a rock

but even a rock

can only withstand so much

even a rock fears to lose

Its own skin

eroding from the outside

and eventually threatening

to crumble from within

and fall down

to the floor

now the rock is hurt

too hurt

now she is more than just angry

she wants, she always ached 

to be a safe rock

by the soft and gentle sea

she wants to rebuild herself

Into a rock made for the gentle sea

she just hopes she can do this

never again

to be eroded by the hands of

the once unfriendly and spiteful sea