(dedicated to my granddaughter)

By Sharon Maria Moemise

You fill my soul with so much joy
Your face as bright as the glaring sun
Every sound you make I want to rejoice
Every gurgle or cry, for me, is so much fun

You stare at me through perfectly shaped eyes
Stretching your small arms, stifling a yawn
Tiny feet and legs kicking up toward the skies
God bless every second, of the hour you were born

I watch in awe, at every little move you make
and praise the Lord for creating such perfection
My promise to you with every breath I take
Is that I will give my life for your life\'s protection

The shape of your little mouth when you smile,
makes your sweet innocence grab at my heartstrings
I promise to guide and watch over you from many mile
I am your grandma, and guardian angel, minus the wings