Jo Middleton

Silent words

There are no words with poetry
Only pure pure thought
Raw emotions take me over
And tear up pages with metaphors
But I feel nothing
Not even hollow
Nor a rock through my veins
Just lying here questioning why
Why I bother at all
I\'m sure you\'d miss me if I go
But no misses me while I breathe
I think it\'d hurt for a little while
I don\'t know nothing at all
Live my days with hope and desire
End with tears and sad laughter
Ripping up every card you wrote
With kisses and love...
Our happily ever after
I could die right here right now,
No one would notice til morning
When they\'d come to drag me away
To responsibilities and lives I look after
Is there a point to all of this?
In hope of something good?
I can\'t wait much longer
If the good I need is dead to me