Political Poet

Twitter battles and disagreements


Treason, obstruction of justice and impeachment/

Sexual allegations with improper treatment/

Twitter battles and disagreements/

Russia, Russia, Russia while he succeeds achievement after achievements/

and the Democrats and Republicans still can\'t come to an agreement/

While the media and the left still can\'t believe it!/

Throwing everything at him and what\'s left their trying to squeeze it/

But one by one their being fired and deleted,/

Resigning or just leaving it./


And their on that revenge shit..... they bleed it,/

acting like they\'re dying and they need it/

Controlling the media as you see it./

Stories have been planted and seeded/

and has done global damage even after its been proved false and retreated/

while others just oversee it./

stand back and refuse to believe it/

Knowing The Democrats numbers are being depleted/

and those who \"LEFT\" were feeling cheated/

Everything the Dems said during the election....they didn\'t mean it/

they speak it season after season and just repeat it/

and the people are finally starting to see it/

and those same people are the reason why the Dem\'s have been defeated!/

and if your as old as i am, you know damn well the ass whipping was needed!