Daddy, you were the first man that I ever loved;

The first man that ever showed me what it meant to be loved.

Your drunken nights,

Your drunken words.

Only present enough to make sure I still longed for your love.

Absent enough where I always felt like I did something wrong to make you not love me anymore.

You telling me how worthless I am was better than you not talking to me at all.

You slamming me up against the wall was the only touch I was worthy of receiving. 

Daddy, you taught me how men are supposed to love me.

Daddy, you set the standard.

Now I no longer question why me?
Why do all of these men in my life abuse me?

Why do all of these men in my life tell me I am worthless?

Why can I not ever find a healthy relationship?
Well, now I know;

My eyes are now clear enough to see.

It is because of you Daddy;

Because this is how you showed me love was supposed to be..