Oceans big oceans blue
Why can\'t we look after you.
You were here right from the start
Before mankind drew a breath,
An evolving world has played its part to sentence you to death.
The white horses breaking are shackled in plastic, which crash onto our shores.
It\'s taken so long but we are waking up, to finally see the cause.
Is it too late to reverse this sentence of pollution beyond belief,
Can we stop tattoos of plastic and save our coral reef.
Oceans, please understand this wasn\'t in our plan, this was never meant to be.
It\'s the need and greed, in a convenience world that\'s almost killed our sea.
The battle has started, We are going to change and the change is underway.
Spread the word with creatures deep that you are here to stay.
From our shores to the horizon we will clean the deepest bed.
With a world united, we stand together for a positive future ahead.