Funeral Home Flowers

A normal day, I was searchin\' for new shoes

My phone buzzed, unfortunately brought bad news

My stomach sank, heart paced, mind searched for clues

Pain filled inside of me, I needed an answer

Oh God, this news was worse than cancer!

Finally found my mom, she was searching for pants or...

Forget about it, it doesn\'t matter

As I tried to speak, my words shattered

The news slowly rolled off my tongue

By the grace of her own hands, oh my, she\'s been hung

Her soul flew to a place of peace, the angel sung

Still needin\' shoes, but how can I care?

Living with this news, I now have to bare

Driving home in silence, it was all I could think

More and more I ponder, the more my heart sinks

Finally arrived home, my mom stayed in the car

How could you, I thought, as she headed to the bar

Sick to my stomach for countless hours

All I can think about is those damn funeral home flowers...