Kevin Michael Bloor

When You Are Old

When you are old and done with dreaming

and silence makes you feel like screaming.

When storms, for you, won’t cease,

I’ll pamper you with peace.


When sadness stains your days, once sunny

and you can’t laugh or find it funny,

I’ll play the clown for you,

just like I used to do.


When darkest days drag on all dreary

and times too tragic, turn you teary.

When life is one long trial,

I’ll sing, to make you smile!


When faith has failed and hope lies bleeding

and lines you pen are prayers of pleading.

If God does not come through,

I’ll undertake for you.


When you are old and stooped and sleepy,

worn out, with weary eyes all weepy.

When you don’t have a prayer,

you know I’ll still be there.