Tiffany Renae C

Rabbit Hole

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be Alice going down the rabbit hole? I know the feeling. The ground is no longer under your feet, strange images pass your eyes. You try to understand what you just saw but nothing makes sense. Everything speeds passed but yet your floating down in slow motion. Like you can’t keep up with anything. You reach out to touch an object but it slips through your finger tips.
Maybe you hold it for a split second, then it’s gone. You can’t trust what’s written on the walls or the voices you hear. They’ll tell you to do something, so you do. Then something you weren’t expecting happens. Leads you to a situation that makes things much worse. You glance around for safety but there’s none. You’re falling deeper and deeper in this hole.
Then you hit it. There’s the floor. Dirty, hard, and cold. Leaves you feeling buzzing in your head. Your mind is slush. You take a breathe and look around trying to figure out where you are. You’re trying to make sense.
The dust clears and you see a small flash of light. Your eyes adjust and what you see is amazing. This world is so bright and beautiful. This hard venture has lead you to a beautiful place. One you never knew you’d see.
As you peer out, seeing your new life. All the adventure and new beginnings. You realize you must start over. Go out on your own. Figure out what’s right. What’s wrong. Find new love, family, and friends. Here’s to a great fall giving you a beautiful life.