Aa Harvey

I drown in you

I drown in you.



Opposites attract.  I like that.

I wouldn’t want you to be just like me,

With my insecurities, my doubt, my thoughts,

My clouded apathy.



My heart is on fire and you the water soul,

Are consistently changing from young to old,

To fearlessly fearful, to wise beyond your years,

To insecure about who you are and who you could be,

From laughter, to tears.

I see it all in you and you don’t need to speak a word.

You soul speaks volumes; your eyes have been heard.



If I were to speak my mind, there would be no turning back,

But your secret smile gives me hope, there are words beneath.

I only want one of the single ladies, can I not have that?

Love, you are driving me crazy!  Let love kiss me, with teeth.

Do I want her?  Yes!  Does she want me?  I don’t know!

Do I love her?  I haven’t got a clue!  In a moment you will go,

But we do have this moment and I am at peace in your Zen garden.

Promise me your love, so I can try to be your Prince Charming,

And our fairytale story can begin,

Where all the other mysteries have reached their end.



She could say no and I would be devastated;

Or even worse she could say yes and I would be elated!

And then the fall would break every nerve in my body.

I want to be someone, to somebody.

I have so much work yet to do to clean up this mess.

The thousands of thoughts,

That run constantly through my labyrinth head.

Love is a bubble; love-life so much trouble.

Oh strife!  What will become of fair Juliet?

Will it be that I can only fondly look back through tears of regret,

When I am laying on my deathbed?

Or could it be, that she could be, the one I need to set me free?



It’s just three little words, how hard can it be?

“I like you.”  I wonder if she likes me.

You have no idea what I am putting myself through,

Jumping hoop after hoop, my one direction is you.

You are yet to break my heart,

And yet to laugh in my face,

So I will continue to dream,

Even though my head and heart are all over the place.



My words?

Well my words are just my Gods honest truth.

I will swear on a bible if you ask me to.

It will not burn; I am not yet your sin.

Allow me to become your angel,

And we can find our kink.



You are the warm ice I need to cool myself down.

A cold shower does not work, because at some point I have to get out.

She is the rain that falls down upon me from every silver-lined cloud.

She is the night that covers my eyes,

And engulfed in her ways…I drown.



(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.