miss aggie






Like a bud of a rose that first sprouts

   You come into life with beauty

Love and protection is promised to you

   But you soon unfold and things go array

Troubled hearts of both of us take us about

   I never wish this journey on anyone

I soon see dark roads ahead with much anger

   Even as I see a beautiful heart start to crack

I continue to look another way even in tears

   Even at early times I ask for forgiveness

But it’s too late and both hearts hurt with tears

   Full bloom and you missed a lot how could it be

Both hearts hurt because of broken promises

   Your journey became a dark road with anger

We continue our journey through life but different roads

   It now hurts more than a physical pain

I long to see your face but you have no desire for me

   I now have grown old and wait for just a glance

Through prayer and begging God I now await

   I beg for forgiveness and wished it would be different

I truly never stopped loving you but made wrong decisions

   I know you will never know how I feel

I understand your anger and how lost you are

I hope for answered prayers of forgiveness

Days go by and know your troubled roads

   I blame myself even if others say to not

How could I of done this to my own sprout

   Each night as I pray I know what I have done

I hope to go home with forgiveness when time comes

   I will always love you and keep you close to my heart

I love you my sprout and wished it could have been different


A shadow of light