Too Serious

I always tell myself when I start talking to a boy that I’m

not looking for anything “too serious”.

And at the moment, these words hold truth

and roll off my tongue like butter.


But then…


But then, I meet a beautiful, wild-eyed boy

whose smile is as big as the sky and as bright

as the stars.


A boy with such unearthly beauty that

you have no other choice but to believe he

may actually be an angel.

So perfect that even his flaws are heavenly.


A boy who knows how to touch me in such a way

that it sears my skin, proving that 

he is too evil to be heaven-sent 

Too greedy with his fingertips and lips.

Grabbing all of me as if I were a hostage trying

to escape...

Foolish boy, I would never leave.


A boy who shakes me from the inside, out

Not the outside, in.


A boy who makes my heart as wild as a million-

horse-stampede even when we are enjoying the

sound of silence together.


Unfortunately, he isn’t looking for anything

“too serious” either.

With a heart that

seems to be harder to tame than his lust-filled hands.


So, I just lay there in the eerily dark silence with him.

With a million things I want to say, but I don’t.

Keeping the feelings that are clawing at my throat,

begging to escape at bay

because neither one of us are looking for anything

“too serious”

Because I rather have his presence with an aching heart

than to risk losing him forever.


And it’s all because I’m not looking for anything “too serious”.