Clipped Wings

By Arcassin Burnham 

Behave, like angels,
We can\'t,  be able,
Provide,  the Lord will,
Changes , are not made,
And people , will be fake,
See now, we change for,
A worser , endeavour,
I feel this is forever,

Unless , we do something,
The end, only ends you,
The choices , you will make,
Make sure , you care for you,
And build , a better virtue,
Write a , four page letter,
To a , misguided lover,
That will go on forever,

Palm Coast , city of twos,
Based , in a state of reckoning,
They will, forget you,
No time , for all the moping,
To search,  while hoping,
Hope you , could stand the weather,
Will my family be here?
But they won\'t be forever.