\"The Evils of our Current Situation\"

The world we live in is in a cruel state

It taunts us, and haunts us, and spreads around hate

It advertises glory, fortune, and fame

But all it really gives is sadness and pain

Depression, anxiety, murder, suicide

These are all products of a world full of lies


The media screams, \"You\'re too fat... you\'re too tall\"

It throws around standards that makes people feel small

On the internet there is no accountability

People run wild with no humanity

They tear people down, they eat away happiness

Doubtful thoughts say, \"You can\'t do this\"


All of this hatred is decaying our society

It\'s locking us into social propriety

People are starving to fit a size one

Others are dying at the point of a gun

Violence is accepted - kindness is rejected

Lies are taught - happiness is \"bought\"


Life is ruled by cause and effect

The evil that roams is cause for neglect

The only way positivity will thrive

Is for love to spread and to survive

Forget the lies that flood the Earth

It\'s time for an era of rebirth