Stairway to your Heart

Spiral steps
I climb.
No attention
To time;
One thing
On my mind,
Soon I will hold you.
Your touch is where it all
When you held
My hand,
Our hearts together
Refusing any other
We found each
Other at last;
Abruptly you
Became scared,
Questioning all
We have shared.
Afraid to talk to me,
Instead you
Ran up
Those spiral stairs.
Didn’t expect me to follow,
But my soul
Remains hollow;
I can’t give up on you.
So I’ll climb
These torturous steps,
And if it take
My last breath,
I will reach you.
Shelter you in my embrace,
Standing face to face;
You will see my love for you
Lives beyond time a space;
We will make our journey
Back home together,
Reclaim our life.
Sealing our bond of man and wife;
Listen to what your heart
Wants you to do;
Look in my eyes,
Accept the love
I give to you.