Aa Harvey

Sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry to my unknown lover



Sorry to my unknown lover.

I am so sad that you will be with another.

I am so scared of falling in love.

I am more scared of not being loved.



My head is so full up with ghosts.

You will be the one I miss the most.

I’m afraid that I have given up.

I think that I have said enough.



I must go to save you from me.

I must stay silent and set you free.

I cannot, put you through this.

I will not, put you through this.



I will stay alone and cry and die.

I will pray in another life, I am stood at your side.

I have crashed over a cliff,

Because I fell in love and it smashed me to bits.



I have already chosen why.

I have already been convinced by my own lies.

I couldn’t be there for you and stand up tall.

I can barely breathe or stand at all.



I couldn’t give you all you need.

I couldn’t stand to let you see,

The broken thoughts inside my head.

They are overflowing with regret

And every word I never said,

Sticks into me like pins and in the end,

I know I will have to walk away;

I have to go, there is no other way.



I cannot look into your eyes,

Without you seeing into mine.

I cannot hide and tell a lie;

I want to be with you, but I cannot, this time,

Or any other time in space,

Or any other way or place.

Impossible is all I know,

So I will fade and you will go

And all I will be left with is a memory,

The chance I never took and my misery.



I turn my back to protect you,

And when I turn back around, you have moved.

I see the door as it closes shut…

I’m sorry I couldn’t say…I love…



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