Monkey on a Typewriter

Monkey on a typewriter

I\'m starting to wonder if I’m speaking clearly or did I stutter?

Am i just shouting at these four empty walls, my legacy writing I was here on bathroom stalls

I try to put on a show but I’m pushed to where I belong,In the back of your head like the mystery of a memory or a forgotten song

Why make an effort to build me up
When your only gonna kick me when I\'m down?
Don\'t bother throwing the rope I\'m just gonna sink to the bottom and drown!

I\'m already used to the abuse and disappointment, what\'s dr. kavorkians number ?
I need to schedule an appointment

So here I go again, thinking,wishing and hoping people might care
Instead of barely look my direction or just vacantly stare

Im just a monkey on a type writer, slapping the keyboard
Eh screw it I\'m bored and grown accustomed to being ignored

LukeCoomer ©