Love dnt love me!

Love abandoned me
And left me with sex,
So when I meet someone new
That\'s all I get,
Hands, tongue and dick.
While their heart lays at home
With their dolled up bitch
I\'m home rebuilding walls and scrubbing
Their kids out my teeth.
I blame me!
Though I dnt know how to change this cycle
The repeat of knowing
I\'m not wanted
Makes me suicidal
But these men dnt care
They\'ll fuck my dead body
Til it no longer wet for them
Then their back home fucking their wives
While my child sits motherless and fatherless
Fuck this shit.
I could say fuck sex
But I need this shit
More than I need food and water
W/o it my body starts too fold under pressure
And I scratch at my skin
Like a fein
I\'ll pay anything
Even with my life to get this fix
Then I\'ll cry as I wash them off of me
Screaming \"Get off of me\"
What\'s wrong with me?
Why don\'t you love me????