Lies,lies straight to my face, your a fucking discrace.Seen it with my own eyes and still lie,lie,lie.

        You say control it but it controls you, that\'s all you know how to do. I deserve the truth not alot to ask, probably is I forget who you are, honestly what\'s new? Only for the very few.

        Don\'t want to be called a liar but you don\'t mind fueling the fire.Ive been with you 17 years, come on dude you keep me living in fear.

                  Be a man and just be honest, it will make a difference I promise.About done with this crap and call it a night, I found out you even talk behind my back.

   17 years wasted on what lies and abuse everyday, it\'s not sane.Im not a bad person and I have a good heart, but I think we just need to be apart.

I\'m cold and hungry for love and friendship,no wonder I have depression cause the way I\'m treated, I\'m tatered and torn and that\'s no way to live, when all I do is give and give.Well not anymore I\'m somebody to three beautiful souls, just not to you. I sucked it up now go jump in a hole.