Political Poet

All of their reactions...


I\'ll be the first to take a ride on this rhythm,/

Injecting in em my lyrical venom,/

Sitting here in my tee and a pair of denims, publishing poems on My poetic side hanging like wet linen,/

No pretending./

Just feeling this beat and throwing down the beginning./

Thinking of ways to make it through the innings/

Watching the world causing all this sinning/

Struggling to make a living/ Watching the Dems lose while the Republicans keep on winning!./

Theirs big changes happening/

The people see through congress and their tired of the acting./

All the bullshit and the yapping!/

Stop the talking and show us some action!/

And don\'t fall for the media and all their reactions/

keep in mind their opinions are politically paid from Government factions/

All to sway your train of thought to their satisfaction/

Just pay attention carefully on everything that\'s happening!/

It will all unfold as they break everything down into fractions/

Digging deep attempting to silence everyone for asking!/

From the DOJ to the FBI and all this unmasking./

Its starting to stink worse as time continues passing./

but imma keep relaxing, turn up the volume and continue dancing/

and watch it all do a 360 while i watch every one\'s reaction, while im laughing.