Echo Seeker

To Save a Life

Is it cowardly to take your own life?

Is it weak to decide enough is enough?


I\'ve been thinking about this lately.

People who aren\'t depressed,

Usually have very conflicting,

Views on suicide.


Is it cowardly to be afraid to die?

Is it weak to not be able to end it?


I\'ve been listening to a lot of people lately.

Some take a sympathetic approach.

To a depressed persons\'

Final solution.


\"How terrible! How dark and miserable,

A place they must have been in, to have done such a thing.\"


Others are less so.

They believe the soul to be selfish and ignorant,

They think the lost one owes them, or others, something.

That taking their own life violates a deal or promise.


\"Couldn\'t they see how this affects those left?

Why would they do this to us?\"


Some try to understand the decision,

What would make them choose the same. 

The things that would drive them,

Off the same ledge.


\"If I went through that,

Would I be able to go on?\"


This is the view I try to take.

I attempt to understand the world around me.

The people around me.

To make sense of the chaos.


What actions cause what affects,

Why things turn out as they do.


I just hope that someday,

All this thinking, searching, analyzing,

Will be helpful. That I could be that one,

Who saved another from needing to commit suicide.