I\'m worthless

I remember when I was born I was called an angel that heaven sent me but at the start of age 5 I was treated like an animal like I was left over treasure that was found at the x but I was left to rot.

When I turned 10 I felt more than pain I felt broke, worthless just like I was told at school it was hell at school but a prison in my own home.

At 17 I was used and thrown around like a rag doll and called a slut for so called \"sleeping around\" 

Now at 18 I didn\'t know what life meant or even how to live all I only knew was how to surive cause all my life I felt dead, empty like I never existed and I question those people in my head every damn day was I ever a worth something? But your wrong I have a worth it\'s more than 100 dollar bill, more than gold, more than a million views, more than your stupid likes, I\'m worth more than anything in this world the president ain\'t on top that\'s me it\'s fucking me.

That 5 year old girl was an angel and pure and inncent she should of never been treated like an animal.

That 10 year old wasn\'t worthless but may of been brojen but she wasn\'t ill.

That 17 teen shouldn\'t of been treated like no damn piece if meat she wasn\'t no slut who slept around for fun in fact she didn\'t at all.

Now at 18 I\'m not empty or stupid I may been broken and empty but I\'m me I\'m that angel that came from a beautiful place so called heaven.