Chaos and Peace

I see you morning, day, night
I see you all the time, always in my sight.
I can\'t bring myself not to stare
You\'re so perfect, beyond compare.

Like a fatal tsunami you crashed into me
I never knew that forever we would be.
Why\'d you come?
Why have you shown?
Is it me you want to own?

You sit there, on your high dark throne
I never suspected it to be made out of bone.
Such a rough look but such a gentle stare
I am lost in you like a poisonous snare.

So brutal, rough, you lower your head down
Now I can see that haunting crown
Look at me, rough being
Look at me and spare the screaming.

I will guide you and show you wonders
Our love will echo on the walls of eternity
Just like thunders.

I will guide you and show you love
You\'re sent from down but I am from above.
Give me your rough hand and interlock your fingers on mine
Look at my tiny hand and you will be fine.

I will forever guide and love you
I will be stuck to you just like glue
I seek for chaos and you seek for peace
Together our suffering shall cease.