Autumn May

The Better World

Why does the world choose to be so mean,make others fell unwanted and unseen.

We hate and we lie,we fight and we cry.

We put put others down and step up to the crown.

It will all come crashing down one day like a tidal wave, once so adored your now someone no one will save.

They saw your difference and they let you fall, because you were no longer worthy to dance at their ball.

You fell to the place you had sent many others, who didn\'t meet up to all of your standards.

But instead of walking away those were the ones who decided to stay.

They helped you get up and onto your feet, they even let you sit in their seat.

They had a ball of their very own, and had plenty of gowns to give and to loan.

Everyone was different in the best type of way, it was hard to keep all the excitement at bay.

Color and size didn\'t matter down here, we could be ourselves without any fear.

Our past is our past, the anger doesn\'t last.

Because down here I was accepted and adored as an equal not as anything more.

I found a place where being yourself doesn\'t get you kicked to the ground, it is a perfect little town. 

A perfect place where different isn\'t wrong, where you can fit and belong.

A place we can live in peace, and no one will tease.

I found a world where no one is mean, no one feels unwanted or unseen.

We love and we try, we laugh and we cry.

In a world that we can live not just survive