Andrew Guzaldo

“Cognizance of Love”

“Cognizance of Love”


At no time have I repressed your voice, 
At no time have I repressed your eyes,
At no time have I repressed the essence of you, 
Like the essence of sweet flowers in time of autumn, 

I am a prisoner with ambiguous memory of you,
I survive still with the pain the wound you have cajoled, 
I shall live with such pain for without the anamnesis of you, 
Would mean no more adversity to perception of thee,

We have now Celestial perimeters between us, 
But still cognizance of you quells my heart and soothes my soul, 
I anticipate the flames that were ascertained as we touched,  
Fervor born in utopia but known to man as titillation,

I have loved you for many years my beauty of Nacre, 
My words cascaded upon you as I caressed your body,
It was then at long last you slept in my arms as shadows came
And it was then I realized you were a conclude Cognizance
Of my once LOVE\"
By AG 03/29/2018 (c)