upset little bird

a bird sits on the pavement 
her wings are fixed to her side 
with superglue 
she wishes to break free 
from the wings which shackle her 
she is stuck, helpless little bird 
attempts to flap open her wings 
they only last seconds 
scared, helpless trapped little bird 
with her wings fixed 
to her side with superglue 
she can\'t soar, live 
the universe has stopped her 
stopped her, unable to live out her role 
her life is empty, meaningless 
whats the point of being a bird 
if you cannot fly like one? 
she stands on the grey pavement 
looking up at the birds 
flapping, alive in the sky 
and she cries because she is stuck 
unable to break free 
poor little bird with her superglued wings 
trapped in the wrong place 
trapped on the pavement 
she cannot even fly the sky 
her inner spirit knows 
the sky is her home 
so why is she trapped on the floor 
the ugly grey pavement 
poor little bird with her stupid superglued wings 
cursed with a life she never even asked for 
cursed to be on the pavement 
when she should be flying the sky 
poor little bird 
what has she done wrong 
why can she never fly 
she doesn\'t deserve to be stuck and craving 
hurt by every bird that she see\'s 
flying the sky, wings hurting 
little feet tired from the years 
of being hurt 
wings exhausted from living a lie 
tired of living a lie 
taunted and made jealous 
by every single bird 
who is able to live their life 
freely, happily, safely 
because they have been given the fair life 
the normal life, the nice one 
i am that bird 
and i\'m still waiting to be free 
to live life the way i have the right to 
i am still on the ugly pavement 
when every ounce of my being 
every ounce of my spirit 
is telling me i am meant to be free 
i am tired from the years of hurting 
little feet bruised on the pavement 
i am tired of the glue holding down my wings 
beyond tired, i just want to soar the sky 
i want to feel everything, i want to live 
why isn\'t that allowed