My Greatest Hope; My Darkest Fear

My brightest hope; My darkest fear

Standing paralyzed as it draws near

The fun and games will blow away

At the start of that one ultimate life-changing day

And it seems to be coming so fast

A part of me begins to yearn for the past

With it rests all my bursting dreams

With it lies my deepest doubts threatening to rip at the seams

Excitement at what could be

Despair at what could be

It\'s the one thing no one can see

Every part of my aching soul awaits for the moment it all comes true

This growing dread telling me it\'ll take away everything I thought I knew

The possibilities are limitless and endless in that unknown place

The infinite failures toe the edge of shadows, hoping I\'ll fall out of grace

The future is so very near

And with it, my brightest hope and darkest fear