Met Your Match ..

What you do to me, I can’t explain.

Your touch instantly drives me insane.

I want you inside me, while you gently kiss my lips.

Dip your hands in my stream, tasting my flavor on your finger tips

Together we posses, raw passion.

I’m turned on my your reaction to my satisfaction.

Wanting to pleasure me, mind, body and soul.

In the process, it was my heart you stole.

I was frightened at first, I knew I was falling.

But I didn’t know that the love I felt

Was the kind of love, that would make me want to wake up to your smile every morning.

Everything I could ask for, I have found in you.

A man that knows how to treat a lady, and can make my body sing the way you do.

I hope you feel the same;

The chemistry is too strong to deny.

I think you’ve met your match,

Because I know I’ve met mine..