Garden of Souls

Garden of Souls

I only play the nice guy
To convince you to let me on the inside
When I know you have nowhere to hide
I unleash the monster inside my mind

Go ahead and run
Ecstasy is the thrill of the hunt
I’ll break down every door you shut
When I find you, I will open you up

I feel your heartbeat when I draw near
I yearn for the smell of your fear
Your screams and cries are like music to my ears
When I find you, I will taste your tears

Please do fight back
Scream and shout and punch and scratch
Wear yourself out with your little attack
When you\'re done, I\'ll stuff you in a sack

Is it comfortable back there in the trunk of your car?
Don’t worry my dear, we’re not going that far
I’m putting on a show and you\'re the star
You must have wanted this, you didn’t fight very hard

The moon hangs in the sky, wish you could see it
But my inner beast hungers and I’m gonna feed it
This isn’t something I want, but I do need it
Stay in the bag, the last one got away and I won’t repeat it

I give you this gift, every knife I own
Thanks for letting me in your home
Don’t worry your pretty head, you won’t be alone
Welcome to my special place, a garden of souls

LukeCoomer ©