If I could...

If I could... 

By Maria Sharon Moemise

I\'d carve him from the strongest ebony
And name him after a famous tree
He\'d endure rain, shine and harsh snow
And would stay steady even while winds blow

I\'d outline his face bold and firmly etched
Atop shoulders and a body perfectly chiseled
Toned thighs, tight muscles, strong hands
All that and more... a modern day Adonis

I\'d accentuate his eyes that stares through me
Strong jaw, delicious lips and almost perfect teeth
If I could create his touch, I\'d melt before completion
It\'d sear my skin, capture my senses, drive me to destruction.

If I could, I\'d create his perfection in its rarest form
and the intensity with which he holds me with arms so strong
I\'d create how he leaves me completely sated, yet still yearning
I would, if I could, carve him in my soul, and bind him to my heartstrings