(c) 2018 Edward York


Her confidence had all but faded,

As she sat in the waiting chair.

She waited for the interview,

While she fidgeted with her hair.


She had worked hard to get ready,

From grooming to her dress.

On the outside she looked ready,

On the inside she was still a mess.


She had met others outside waiting,

She had talked to one or two.

She was impressed by what they told her,

About experience and what they knew.


She couldn\'t see that she had value.

For all the things that she\'d done..

If she competed with the new graduates,

She could easily have won..


She was the CEO of her household,

A chauffeur, a maid and a chef.

She did their schedules and finances,

She did them all just by herself.


She was a part-time nurse and teacher,

She was a referee and a trainer too.

Anyone who really knew her,

Would be impressed by what she could do.


So when you hear her say she\'s just a housewife,

Don\'t think of her in a lesser way.

She\'s done thousands of jobs that were needed,

She just didn\'t get the pay.