kevin browne

Butterflies Along The Way.


Don\'t you remember when?
When we sang to shooting stars
And walking through our rainbows
We never seemed to care about
About the thoughts, we never knew.

Danced all night along the Milky Way
Saw all the tulips fly over Amsterdam
Caught butterflies along the way
Watched caterpillars fall in love
And the moon woke up at nine.

When I saw her standing there
Although a certain kinda where
A place where no one found us
But where could I find her?
Found her singing to the Moon and Mars

I put those crying tears in her eyes
Hearts are always true or blue
Somewhere she is close to me
Better open up our hearts this time
And please stop asking why.

We threw all our roses over Rome
Took her hand in the Vatican
Both stood there singing songs
The love of God and what it means
It means that we\'re in love.

We found out when we were young
We fell in love before it begun
But the Sun was shining down
The world was ours to keep
So we wore the crown of love.

It cut me closer to the core
There were no more shooting stars
The flame had died
We had our broken hearts
We both sat and cried.

Moonlit nights faded into darkness
Where lovers cry and weep
My head was low but keen
And in her corner, I have found
The most gorgeous girl I\'ve ever seen.

My heart knew I found another spark
Its times like this when the magic happens
When she was sitting in the dark
We both blinked at one open eye
And instantly fell in love.

When the Milky Way is all said and done
Showed off all its amazing displays
And when God had waved his hands
The shooting stars came our way
Our hearts had become one.