Maxine Smith

He And She

I’ve had an exhausting day with the kids

HE arrives home and just sits on the couch 

No emotion or a welcoming kiss

HE rolls his eyes back when asked to help out 


I’ve had an exhausting day out at work

SHE waits my return, chores thrown in my face 

No smile or ‘have you had a nice day babe?’

SHE expects much, looking at me disgraced 


Why won’t he just wash the pots in the sink?!

HE moans like a child ‘il do it later!’

Plays on his phone kicking back with a drink 

HE don’t care, looks at me like a hater 


Why cant she just give it a bloody rest?!

SHE appreciates nothing that I do

Cant she just see that I’m doing my best?!

SHE can’t see all the stress I’m going through 


These two souls are Co-existing 

Dont they see what they are missing?!


Lean on each other, show true connection 

Open your heart, devote to each other 

Verifying love with your affection 

Empower your spouse as you are lovers