Jaazaniah Owle

Face Down .

First I had thought that I found the one. He stood up for me out when I could hardly stand up for myself, he saw me in need of help. \'Cause I was so lost and I felt ashamed for letting all these boys play me like a game. He was the only man who treated me with love and respect, something that all these other guys weren\'t capable of doing. By the first date, I was like \"Dang, I\'m falling for this dude.\" He took me on an adventure and showed me something new. He gave me heaven while I was dealt hell, caught me off guard \'cause I never had believed in fairy tales. Then one night he took me to meet his family, telling them that he\'s so happy that he\'s found the one. Afterward, we went down the block \'cause there was a party going on; so went dancing and to drink some rum. But too much and he was out of control, he barely recognized me - so puzzled that he pulled out a gun. Telling me if you love me you\'ll ride or die for me. He didn\'t even give me a chance to think - then by that time he took advantage of me & he was done. He left me shaking back and forth, I was so cold and all alone. I was sitting there thinking to myself how did this go all wrong? Now I know that not all glitter is gold, at least that\'s what I\'ve been told. Got my face down.