Listen up Lions!!

Listen up Lions!!


Do you want to know what’s even worse then a tailored white sheep? 

A tailored white sheep that finds enjoyment, making LIONS weep.


The sheep follows its herd for no reason but for comfort. 

The lion leads its own path, and ends up triumphant! 


I watch sheep at a distance, as they laugh and joke together, 

It’s only laughter to the sheep, but to the lion it’s tear-filled weather. 


The lion moves so freely, exploring all the land. 

What route it goes, nobody knows, it need no help-in hand. 


The lion is free spirited, its bold and beautiful too. 

This lion withholds strong self belief, fitting in it’s own sized shoe. 


The lion wouldn’t dream to try to make a tailored white sheep weep. 

The lion simply wants one thing, and that’s to keep the peace. 


The lion roars in it’s own way, and should NEVER feel doubtful or sad.

The tailored white sheep envies that and wants the lion to feel bad. 


The sheep mimics the lion, mocks its mane and plucks away it’s self confidence. 

The sheep limits the lion, causes pain just so it feels dominance. 


The sheep is shallow and has no platform other then its herd. 

If the sheep was on its own it wouldn’t ‘baa’ a word. 


So smile big lion, be bold and fierce and ignore the herd of sheep. 

Laugh big lion let out your tears and feel emotions deep. 


Be free big lion sing and dance, let your joy shine bright!

Because big lion your bravery, would give the tailored sheep a fright. 


Be adventurous big lion, be wild and weird, letting every white sheep see. 

The sheep will always envy the fact your soul is free... I guarantee. 


To the sheep in the herd that laugh and joke adding to any of the upset. 

I suggest that you re- evaluate... and make your first original footstep.  


Peace and love ~ E