19 year old me...

When I was 10, I got called mean names. 

When I was 11, I began to self shame. 

When I was 12, I had over 1,000 Face book Friends.

When I was 13, I wanted my life to end.

When I was 14, I began to question my sexuality. 

When I was 15, I faced a harsh reality. 

When I was 16, I made new mates at college. 

When I was 17, I thought I had wise knowledge. 


When I was 18, my life came to a stop. Everything I thought I knew, I forgot. 

I was unsettled and unhappy and my life turned upside down. I’m lucky now it’s turned back around. 

People I trusted went against my trust and people I had love for used me for lust. 

At 18 I felt out of control, I felt lost and abandoned and confusion in my soul. 

Things happened when I was 18 that shouldn’t have happened at all. 

Things happened when I was 18 that triggered an emotional fall. 

But things happened when I was 18 that gave me my strength today. 

Things happened when I was 18 that made life seem okay. 

Being 18 sounds so naive and so fun, people think that 18s when your life has just begun. 

But I know that 18 can be far more real then it seems. 

And being 19 has felt like refreshed sun beams. 


I am now 19 very soon to be 20. 

I’m still new to the earth, but I’ve learnt plenty. 

Each day I look forward to new knowledge I can gain.

I’m growing and developing in a life with little pain.

I am now 19 and my life has been refreshed. 

New goals to achieve, a girlfriend to love, Life seems to be the best. 

Each day I feel grateful for the life I\'m blessed to live,

The years behind me have taught me how to forget and to forgive. 

I am now 19 and excited for what future years will bring, 

Preparing for all kinds adventure, and new ideas to spring. 


I wonder what my 20’s show? I wonder if they’ll be good? 

But wonder is where my curiosity ends. I wouldn’t want to know if I could. 

I hope that when my 20’s arrive they arrive with peace and love.

Even though my life has had some downs, overall its been unbelievably good. 

I just cant wait to relax and live and see what happens next. 

I’m just continuing to  live my life, with hope, love and respect. 


Peace and love ~E