Mottakeenur Rehman



                       \" জয় আই অসম!\"

                  \" Hail Mother Assam!\"


A big tribute to them who risked dear lives to liberate our country ,

Whose blood carried the bustling and whizzing sound of Mothertongue 

from vein to pulmonary\'s flow.

His or her ancestry couldnot stomach the approbrium sense of one\'s motherland

Into the privacy of their hands they had the glided spirituality of cultural activities.

In keeping with trust ,for the sake of their country 

They had never sign on the treaty of compromise of being auctioned their own land.


Whose forerunning vision is like the surges of

the Luit\'s straight forwarding way

And the death to whom almost appears to be all and end all agreement,

Only He or she eventually become the certain invincible soldiers 

stained with read blood of martyrdom!


Who have had the great obligations

And would freely die to save their land

Only in the midland of their core 

The progressive sound of own land ,

The lyrical voice Assam -Doba Mridongo Khol Xinga have to be ensembled

for the peace of unity amongs discord!


By leaning on the pillow of raw soil ,

who take the scent of the purified land day by day;

Their dictum can lead to the sense of inspired Nationalism:

              Ready to give red blood

              But not an inch of Motherland!!