The water was freezing to the bone,
Under the tub was deadly and I was alone.
The sound of life above was muffled,
I rubbed my reddening eyes, made my floating hair ruffled.
It felt so soft under the watery substance,
My mind was screeching with utter reluctance.
I felt lonely yet calm by the tub’s hard floor,
I could feel the breath at death’s own door.
My lungs were giving out the sweet, beautiful air,
Yet my heart was screaming with no fucking care.
I pushed on, hearing nothing but the water,
My body soon started to become less and less hotter.
My eyes burned in a sharp jolting pain,
I was forcing my self under the water as if there was a chain.
Oxygen was scarce and I felt the need to breathe,
But I had to continue! I had to, I couldn’t leave!!
The water flooded into my mouth,
I coughed and coughed, things were going south.
My nostrils flared and burned like a bitch,
This was perfect! There was no hitch!
I watched my hands frolic, slowly moving with grace,
I felt my skin losing colour on my face.
My hair was floated like Medusa with snakes,
My life was slowly fading, there were no brakes.
I felt the urge to inhale air,
This was too much for me to bare!
I threw my arms up in defeat,
Today, death was something I couldn’t meet.
My head bobbed out of the tub,
I gave my now crimson eyes a rub.
I heaved for air, the wet tears streaming down my cheeks,
This was such a fail even though I planned for weeks.
I curl up listening to my own panting,
I screamed and screamed and continued ranting!
Eventually I got back my sanity,
But ended up losing some humanity.
I watched the bathtub drain the soap,
I lost my chance to die; lost all hope.
I grabbed my towel and wrapped my body up,
That was when I decided that enough was enough.