HAPPINESS ~ An 8 6 Sonnet



HAPPINESS ~ HAPPINESS The greatest thing that I possess

I thanks the LORD that I\'ve been blessed

With more than my share of HAPPINESS

To me the WORLD is a wonderful place

I\'m he HAPPIEST person in the Human Race

I\'ve always got a smile upon my face

I\'ve got some SILVER ~ ain\'t got no GOLD

But I\'ve got HAPPINESS in my Soul


Happiness is n Ocean Tide

A Waterfall fallin\' down a Mountain Side

God\'s home in Heaven ~ with the Angels above

When I\'m in the arms of the ONE I LOVE !

I see it in the SUNSHINE ~ Feel it in the AIR



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OK it\'s Monday Morning ~ Are you HAPPY ?

I AM ~ following the Joy of Sunday ~ I love

my Job teaching Applied Science to Vocational

Students (17 to 30) who really love training to

be Caterers ~ Carers ~ Cosmeticians ~ Medical

Workers ~ Engineers ~ Building Trades etc etc 

HAPPINESS is an attitude of mind ~ BE HAPPY ! 


The Poem is based on a LYRIC by KEN DODD !