13 Pink Elephants

13 pink elephants balancing on balls

Throwing daggers, waiting to fall

Twirling around and around

Tumbling down in the lava grounds

Helpless trying to doggy paddle

A passing pelican heard this crescendo, his tail waggled

Searching the hills of candy

He found a triant, ‘might be handy’

He said to him self, looking high and low

A fierce fire-ball storm started to blow

Hiding in a dead discarded dinosaur’s skull for cover

In no time, the fierce fire-ball storm had gone over

Leaving big hot, sticky, green puddles, 

He started to look, after his lunch of Nuddles. 

About a few light years later

The pelican found himself near the equator

Lost and alone! Only if Hooter hadn’t eaten the map

No time to cry blood! No time to nap

‘Must go on, to save the creatures in distress!’

But he took a guess

Neast was his direction! Soon he came to the lava ground! 13 pink elephants, is what he found

Bazzled, scratching his beak, he thought of a plan

Laughed with his knowledge, feeling like a man

Fumbling in his rucksack

After couple of hours, he found a ten pack,

A ten pack of fire works

The pelican saw the perk

So the pelican shoved a fire work up every elephant’s bums! 

And lit fuses, they went up to the scarlet sky, banging like drums

Landed on the orange grass

A Punkyfish gargled ‘that was class, ‘

So the pelican went back home! Pleased today

And the green spotted, pink elephants went and play. 


The random-ness of random!?!?