Jo Middleton


How many eyes does a butterfly have?
Watches us through thin slits
She makes no move is she even surprised
I Don\'t know if she cares or not
But she saw us I made sure
To dance around beautifully
Fingerprints watching with wider eyes
Claiming what should be mine
Tight polyester covering skin
Grabbing, not digging in
But enough knowing you get a kick
Knowing she\'s there watching him
If she were interested I stab it with a knife
Ripped up her dreams with a single touch
Watches me tip toe on soft skin 
Enough to hint that\'s he\'s gone for good
It\'s not a lie just leading astray
Little sad wings weep in dismay
I don\'t know whether she was actually intrigued
But just incase destroyed her fate
And carried on fluttering knowing what I had done
Bye bye little butterfly, this time I\'ve won